Life is a circus. Be the ringmaster.

An ICF Certified Coach and Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach, Hanna takes a Strengths®-Based approach to personal development through solution-focused coaching. 

Where weakness-fixing prevents failure, Strengths®-building is proven to lead to success. 


Executive & Professional Coaching

For individuals, coaching serves an unlimited range of topics.  Whether you are facing major life decisions, managing grief,  building your personal brand, or want to advance your career - having a coach means having someone rooting for team YOU. 

What is coaching exactly?

Coaching is a self-directed process of exploration that builds self-awareness and confidence.  The client brings a goal to be reached or a problem to be solved, and together we explore your underlying motivations and uncover the hidden obstacles to success that lie within your own power.  Coaching is for the moment you decide you don't want to wait anymore - it's time for action!

Photo credit Niccole Radhe

Photo credit Niccole Radhe

Team Coaching

Most of us dream of being part of a high-functioning team - one where everyone trusts each other and the group hums with synergy.  Just imagine what could be accomplished! 

But in reality most teams are plagued by a lack of a shared vision, lack of engagement or cohesion, poor communication, conflict, or worse: 

             D R A M A

If your team is suffering from symptoms such as these, team coaching may be the solution.   Are you ready to find out?


Event & Performance Coaching

Is your luncheon, gala, award presentation, or unconventional event missing something?  

Have you been called upon to take the stage to receive an award, give a presentation, or make an ask?

Then you need a dose of "Circus Sensibility."

My two decades of experience as a performer, director, choreographer, designer, and producer gives me a unique comprehension of every aspect of event production.  With an uncanny understanding of audiences and performance, I can take your event to the next level, or make your speech or presentation more moving, memorable, and impactful.



Hanna empowered me to define my strengths and use them to take positive steps forward in my career and in life.  Her coaching has been vital to my understanding of my personal values and long term career goals.
— Emily R.