Let's build something spectacular together.


My Strengths®

As a Gallup®-Certified Strengths Coach, I know that each person leads from their own greatest talents. Here are my top 10 Strengths® and what each of them means I bring to our work together.



Creativity and originality, new and fresh perspectives, thinking that is outside the box, and an ability to find connections between seemingly unrelated ideas.


An ability to recognize patterns and determine the best way to proceed, flexibility to find an alternative way forward, and a willingness to consider all of the possibilities.


Attention to messages that must be heard, clarity in my connection with others, and a means for others to express their thoughts and ideas in captivating ways.


Productivity through the unexpected, an ability to quickly change and respond, and calmness in the face of change.


A perception of the talents in others, a tailored approach for each person, and a way to easily figure out how different people can work together productively.


The spark to get things started, energy and instant momentum to projects and groups, and endless energy to get things done.


A forward-looking focus for what could be, an eye for detail in what the future might hold, and inspiration and energy with visions of the future.


Resilience in the face of failure, a contagious energy and enthusiasm, and a fun-loving spirit that can get others excited.


Calmness when there are many moving parts, effective collaboration when working with others, and an intuitive sense of how different people can work together.


Emotional clarity and decisiveness, a willingness to take charge, and an ability to resolve conflicts and misunderstandings.