Life is a circus. Be the ringmaster.



Each of us have powerful talents - talent to get things done, to leverage other people, and to absorb, think about, and analyze information and situations.  

How well do you understand your talents?  Do you use them every day?  Do you understand how they combine to give you your unique power and edge?  Do you know the strengths of your teammates and how to recognize them in a way that's meaningful?

Strengths® coaching can help you become the best version of yourself by investing in your talents.  Focusing on Strengths® brings confidence, self-acceptance, and a new ability to achieve your goals

For teams, Strengths®-Based coaching is proven to increase employee engagement, productivity, customer service, and profitability.  When people understand their talents and their team's collective talents, they are able to develop a new appreciation for each other and themselves.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths® Coach, I can:

  • help you understand what is unique and powerful about you

  • help you develop structure to manage your strengths to maximize your effectiveness

  • help you become a better leader, employee, spouse, parent, and friend 

  • help your team develop synergy and engagement by understanding and valuing each others talents


Hanna coached my team of four, guided us in a lively discussion, and helped us find ways to appreciate and lean into our strengths. I recently had to speak in front of a group of over 100 women. Since finding out my number one strength is communication, it gave me the confidence to not question myself, but instead meet the challenge with enthusiasm.
— T. Kennedy