Let's build something spectacular together.

Hanna Miller, MS, Founding Ringmaster

Hanna Miller, MS, Founding Ringmaster

does your business feel like an out-of-control circus?

Do you feel like your business could be so much more if you could just marshal the unique skills and talents of your team? If you think this even for a second, you need Ringmaster.

Here’s why:

Leading a circus requires understanding and valuing the unique skills and talents of everyone under the tent. From the lion tamer to the concessionaire, each brings a piece of the magic that defines a circus. As a Ringmaster, I can help you arrange this constellation of talent in your enterprise into a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts. I can help your teams discover what fun it is to deliver superstar performance.

Why Ringmaster?

After a 20-year career working in and managing a circus, I created Ringmaster because I knew that Ringmaster skills, though far less commonly known in daily business, were needed in the corporate and non-profit world just as much as they are under the big top. If you and your team are ready to step into the spotlight and do the best work of your lives, I can help you get there.

as consulting Ringmaster,

I collaborate with and serve as confidante to senior leaders and their teams, helping:

  • You as a leader negotiate the overwhelm and isolation that often accompany your executive role while building the skills you need to step confidently into the spotlight.

  • Your team become collaborative, innovative, inclusive, engaged, and effective – all while developing each team member’s unique superstar potential.

If you’re ready to master your circus and create something spectacular, or if you simply want to learn more, contact me here today.

Our work with Hanna Miller had an incredible impact on our team. We became more aware of our own working styles and the strengths of others on the team, and it made us closer, more efficient and put an extra spring in our collective step. Hanna is deeply knowledgeable, and most importantly - she cared about every single member of our team. Without a moment’s hesitation, I would warmly recommend Hanna for any group wanting to make an impact on the world.
— Catherine Alonzo, CEO, Javelina Consulting